"Is Bedale Car Boot Sale On This Week?"...

This is a question we are asked very regularly and it is good to know that so many people are keen to come.

Our Car Boot Sale welcomes buyers and sellers from all over the north of England every week with people coming from Newcastle, York, Leeds, Carlisle, Stockton, Whitby and all places inbetween to enjoy the event and the town.

It would be wonderful to be able to let everyone know in advance, whenever a sale is cancelled because of the weather, however it is not practical to do this. The decision whether or not the sale goes ahead, is made by the Sale Supervisor in the small hours of the morning of the sale. We do not like to disappoint anyone and sales are only cancelled because it is either raining or because the condition of the park is such as to make it hazardous to bring vehicles onto it.

So to answer the question is always...

"YES, the Car Boot Sale is on EVERY SATURDAY from March to October, unless it is cancelled at the last minute, because of the weather!

We advise everyone to check the forecast for Bedale before starting your  journey...

And Thank you all for making the Bedale Car Boot Sale the special event that it is!"

Published: 19/04/2018 Published by: Charlie Hart

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